Sprinkler Blowouts: (usually performed in end of October and November) We blow out the
sprinklers so that there will be less of a chance of pipes or heads freezing and damaging your
sprinkler system. We can not insure or guarantee that none of your pipes will break or that the
pressure breaker won't ever become damaged even after we blow out system. There are many
factors and variables that can cause pipes to break. An improperly installed sprinkler system
might not drain adequately even after blow out, also the age of the sprinkler system, as pipes
age they can degrade, and eventually break, also even after blowing out the sprinklers you need
to cover the pressure breaker (the bonnet and the copper pipes) with a cover so that moisture
does not build up on the outside of the pipes and bonnet so they don't expand and contract with
ice. As the winter happens pipes can still expand and contract with moisture in the air, and the
age of the sprinkler system might make your pipes more brittle, roots of trees can cause pipes
to burst in the ground so that can be another factor.

Sprinkler turn ons- At this time we do not perform this service, but check back with us in the
future we may add this service.
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