Our Fertilizing Program:

Why is lawn fertilizing important to you? Well, after a long day, you'll
want to come home and relax. With proper fertilizing you'll be able to
come home, relax and enjoy your beautiful yard. Make your soil work
for you instead of against you. We can make your grass grow to
become more beautiful, greener and healthier than last year. Your
neighbors will think you truly have a green thumb!

Our normal Fertilizer program uses

  • 100% organic fertilizers that are safe for children, dogs, and the
  • We fertilize about every two months, one month for winterizer (4
    times a season)
  • our fertilizers all include iron which helps improve root development
  • they naturally improve the soil which in Colorado contains much
  • we recommend watering after our organic fertilizer is applied, it
    won't start working until it is regularly watered in
  • for normal size lawns the charge is $30

Normal Fertilizer Schedule
1. Spring Fertilizer: May second week
2. Summer with extra iron: July second week
3. Summer with extra iron: September first week
4. Winterizer Fertilizer: October first week, helps the lawn through the
harsh winter dormancy

To make your lawn even more green we recommend you use one or
more of the following supplemental fertilizers as needed:
Revive: can be applied anytime, won't burn lawn like some fertilizers,
can be applied in addition to the normal fertilizer, helps make lawn extra
green, makes per pound of water do more by softening soil

Ironite: can be applied anytime, need to apply correct amount with
proper setting, helps darken green the lawn to make extra lush look to
lawn, try using Revive first and use this one 50 days later if needed

To help solve weed problems you can have us use one of our non-
organic fertilizers, (there is an additional $20 charge for using weed &

Weed & Feed- This is applied instead of one of the applications of our
organic fertilizers, is used to stop the spread of a number of noxious
weeds like dandelions, etc...
  • Important you must water prior to the application for best results,
    the weed and feed needs to stick to the broad weed leaf in order
    for it to work best
  • Important: After the weed & feed is applied, do not water the lawn
    immediately after; wait to water until the next water cycle which
    should happen 10 or more hours for best results. If you water right
    after you may wash the weed and feed off the weed leaf and it may
    not work ideally
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