Our aeration service:

Aeration is important especially in Colorado due to fact that we have a lot of
clay in our soils. What aeration does is it makes holes in the ground which
allows for the water to penetrate down to the roots of the grass plant.
Without ever aerating, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars on watering
without seeing good results, because the water could be running off the top
of the plant without getting down to the roots. It is normally recommended by
professionals to aerate twice a season for best results, but once a season
can be enough in some soil types that don't have as much clay in them.

For best results:
  • To insure best results when we aerate be sure to water the lawn before
    we come. (The plugs will go in twice as deep if the lawn is well
    watered.) Usually, water for a whole water cycle on your lawn.
  • We usually take about a foot away from the outside perimeter edge of
    the lawn when we aerate to avoid sprinkler heads, but we need for you
    to mark any sprinkler heads that are in the middle or not on the outside
    perimeter of the lawn
  • After we aerate be sure to leave the aeration plugs on the lawn. The
    plugs are rich in good nutrients that help your lawn grow better. The
    plugs will naturally dissolve into your lawn after a few weeks of normal
  • We normally aerate during the spring and fall